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Paula Knight


This annual offering includes all painting materials and tuition, delicious nourishing snacks and drinks and a gorgeous lunch each day along with a few pampering treats, all dietary requirements are welcome.

The daily schedule is full of painting and beauty in a carefully cultivated environment in which our students are constantly supported to express their unique vision. The intention is to encourage creativity, intelligence and nurtures these qualities by attracting people who share our passionate interest in creative improvement and expression. Our retreats are distinguished by a unique blend of warmth, professionalism, social and creative energy. 

Register your interest for this special experience on next years retreat by emailing Paula, space will be limited.


"I have been fortunate enough to experience two Bali retreats with Paula and Harriet. Each location different from the other but enjoyable in their own unique and Beautiful Bali way.

As our hosts they provided us with a bounty of good nutritional knowledge and experienced art tuition.

The Yoga, the massages, relaxing by the pool, shopping and exploring made for a very enjoyable time away to unwind and reset. 

Many thanks, God bless." 



"I would highly recommend this retreat. Enjoyed every minute of it! I have never gone to an 'Art Retreat', let alone 8hours flight away, and on my own. Any worries I initially had about travelling or living with a bunch of women I didn't know soon evaporated. Paula has the knack of reassurance. Everything had seamlessly been considered and ironed out. No worries. The accomodation was luxurious, and food delicious. I spent the time languishing in the pool, painting, doing yoga and eating, and laughing! Paula introduced me to watercolour painting, a process which was unfamiliar to me, but what gorgeous result. Returned home well chilled. Thanks Paula, I want to come again!"

Pip Bowers


"Bali Retreat with Paula was very inspiring with a variety of compositions to choose from to paint. With an introduction to water colour and acrylic paint to apply.

Beautiful fresh home grown food and local fruits were prepared for us, full of flavour.

Harriet’s knowledge and preparation for healthy foods was very interesting.

All this was set in a tropical peaceful garden resort with swimming pool and the rice fields surrounding us.

This was very relaxing with the hot summer temperature, the hardest part was trying to decide whether to paint first or swim and sunbath.

Thank you

Regards Lianne Maxwell"


"This was my first trip to Bali. I had no idea what to expect. I have heard and read tales of young travellers revelling in parties, alcohol and drugs.
I was one of the oldest members of the retreat, so  at 67 years old I decided to ‘give it a go’. I wasn’t disappointed. 
The venue was delightful. We arrived after dark and was greeted by Paula, as well as other members of the team, and a delicious glass of exotic fresh fruit juice. The retreat was lit by a festive cluster of colourful lights glowing through the trees lighting up the house, swimming pool, 
leisure areas around the pool, it looked very inviting. My room was well  above my expectations. I had a large comfortable room, and a unique en-suite. Unique because it had wooden blinds with a cacophony of insects and birds competing in the organic rice fields just beyond the parameter of the retreat. Once my blinds were open they stayed open throughout our stay. No glass panes, just open air.
I was in Paradise.
The days activities were discussed each morning. Paula’s art classes were spent in an opened area, or if you preferred a shaded area. All art equipment was supplied by Paula. The art classes relaxed and fun. Each person was given individual time and guidance whether they were a proficient, budding, or beginner artist. 
I spent a lot of time in the outside pool,  It was pleasantly relaxing and overlooked   by incredibly exotic foliage.
The evening could be spent experiencing a full body massage, manicure, or a choice of many other treatments, given by experienced local women. Relaxing by the pool. Or continuing your art work to your heats content. 

We had wonderful food all locally sourced and prepared. Individual dietary needs respected.

There was so much I experienced, and enjoyed.

I fully recommend this retreat experience
In a fabulously welcoming Bali. Liz Ellison"


“The retreat was an ideal opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and have a very rich and indulgent experience just for me! This was my first trip to Bali, travelling with a group of women I didn’t know previously and painting for the first time.

Paula’s exceptional talent and expertise in teaching painting brought a boost in confidence in my creative side with lots of encouragement throughout. My health and wellbeing was nurtured the whole time by Harriet’s depth of knowledge in nutrition and natural health remedies. I was indulged everyday with samples and information of nourishing food & beauty products, as well as an abundance of fresh, local meals which more than catered for my specific dietary requirements.

Overall the retreat was an opportunity to recreate my mind set and rediscover my authentic self, coming away with more clarity and purpose of my life, and a whole heap of inspiration!” - Jill Glenn


"In September 2018 I joined a lovely group of ladies from the Bay of Plenty on a trip to Bali. Organised by Artist Paula Knight ( Artist ) and her daughter Harriet of Papamoa.

It was a dream come true having never been to Bali. We were well looked after from leaving Auckland to arriving n Bali. Vehicles, flights, motels etc all organised by Paula.
Beautiful meals, exotic provided and cooked by chefs.And lovely Harriet and her creative cooking we were always pleasantly surprised what she would come up with next. Little gifts etc. to bring home.

You could please yourself if you wanted to swim in the pool, go for walks, shopping etc.
And of course we had Paula who inspired us with art, she organised acrylics, water colours and techniques and drawing skills.Paula is a skilled art teacher even if you have never painted before or you have and need to improve on techniques.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip and felt I am growing as an artist. Thanks to Paula.
We are so lucky to have her in Papamoa. I would recommend to anyone thinking about going on this trip, to go. You have nothing to loose only to gain. Jude Brown"


"I had a wonderful time on Paula and Harriet’s Bali retreat, loved Harriet’s daily healthy demonstrations and really enjoyed painting under Paula’s knowledgeable instruction.  The thing I enjoyed the most was the friendliness of the Balinese people." -

Tania Akehurst

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